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Best line from last night’s True Blood.

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 ;asdlkf;’sd new favorite picture.

 ;asdlkf;’sd new favorite picture.

I rewound this like 10 times, not gonna lie.

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Sookie Stackhouse Books To End
Charlaine Harris has told PopcornBiz that the 13th of the Sookie Stackhouse books – The Southern Vampire Mysteries (that’s the series on which True Blood is based in case you didn’t get the connection) – will be the final one. “I’m writing book 12 and then…

Honestly it’s about time, she ran out of steam a long time ago…

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TV Guide: Do you hang out together off the set?

Alex: Definitely. Stephen and Anna just threw this little brunch thing. I have a glögg [Swedish punch] party every year and I invite everyone.

Stephen: [Laughs] Nobody goes.

Alex: I sit there and sing Swedish songs alone.

TV Guide: Will you get together to see the next “Twilight” movie?

Stephen: We’ll be in the back with popcorn, holding hands.

Alex: We’re going to have a PJ party. “Twilight” marathon weekend!

I love them.



omg they could totally make a range of northman plushies ad each time you squeeze IT SAYS ALL OF THIS


Tickle Me Eric. DYING.